From a law-enforcement administrator’s perspective, Sheriff Tim Whitcomb encourages members from agencies nationwide to utilize the advanced techniques and technology of Post Tour Processing.

A ranking Buffalo Law Enforcement Officer:

“TTMPT allowed me to unburden myself about things I stored up from protecting and serving and from family stress that I otherwise would not have been comfortable discussing.”

A ranking Massachusetts Law Enforcement Officer:

“TTMPT should be available to every officer in the state.”

“TTMPT is imminently needed I believe it could have saved my brother’s life .  He was seeing professionals ongoing up to the incidents of taking his and his wife’s life.” -Charlene Perno


An independent not-for-profit group of committed and concerned retired police officers and police professionals, formed to address a gap in the services available for law enforcement.


PTP Director of Law enforcement Operations

The helping professions have made great strides in identifying and managing all of the affects of PTSD. Law enforcement now needs to embrace this evolution - to Protect and Serve those who Protect and Serve!


PTP Director of Peer Facilitation and Training

I am a part of Post Tour Processing now, and I am writing this to you with a sincere heart. Please, please, please – take care of yourselves and the people you work with and for. Post Tour Processing is a tool to help.


Sister of a police officer who took his life

Being a family member of a police officer that has taken his life gives me the incentive to help others, because he could not let go. I hope that this program can help other police officers.